Our Wines

When we started out, our wine philosophy was focused on crafting premium red wines that offered great value to our guests. As time progressed, we noticed that the enjoyment of wine is like a journey – some are just starting out, some feel they’ve discovered what they like, and some are willing to experience something new. As a result, we have created a wine portfolio consisting of our Table, Estate and Heritage Series of wines that will please most – no matter where you are on the path of wine appreciation – while still offering value. In 2015, we have started transitioning to new labels with the artwork displayed below.

The Table Series

Our Table Series is a nod to our first introduction to wine – at the kitchen table – where we celebrated joyful occasions, and discussed and resolved everyday family matters. This label is a tribute to the importance of family and good friends in our lives. This series of unpretentious wines is a great starting point in one’s appreciation of wine and are best served every day at the family table.

EstateWines-LabelArtworkThe Estate Series

Our Estate Series of wines was developed for those with a mature and sophisticated palete. These complex wines are crafted to reward those who have the patience to allow them to slowly mature and evolve. The Estate Series are strictly made from our oldest vines and are carefully managed in the vineyard and cellar. They are full-bodied wines that provide a great expression of our pride of place as well as the terroir they come from. Fittingly our Estate winery is displayed prominently on this label.

HeritageWines-LabelArtworkThe Heritage Series

For those willing to experience a different or less traveled path, we have created our Heritage Series wines. These wines are crafted from grape varieties such as Nebbiolo, that are not widely planted outside of Italy and/or are made using the Appassimento and Ripasso methods of winemaking. These wines have long aging potential and work very well with flavourful foods. The architectural ornament featured on these labels pays homage to our Italian heritage and the classical winemaking techniques used to craft these wines.